goto_instrument_parse_optionst Class Reference

#include <goto_instrument_parse_options.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int doit ()
 invoke main modules More...
virtual void help ()
 display command line help More...
 goto_instrument_parse_optionst (int argc, const char **argv)
- Public Member Functions inherited from parse_options_baset
 parse_options_baset (const std::string &optstring, int argc, const char **argv)
virtual void usage_error ()
virtual int main ()
virtual ~parse_options_baset ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from messaget
virtual void set_message_handler (message_handlert &_message_handler)
message_handlertget_message_handler ()
 messaget ()
 messaget (const messaget &other)
messagetoperator= (const messaget &other)
 messaget (message_handlert &_message_handler)
virtual ~messaget ()
mstreamtget_mstream (unsigned message_level) const
mstreamterror () const
mstreamtwarning () const
mstreamtresult () const
mstreamtstatus () const
mstreamtstatistics () const
mstreamtprogress () const
mstreamtdebug () const
void conditional_output (mstreamt &mstream, const std::function< void(mstreamt &)> &output_generator) const
 Generate output to message_stream using output_generator if the configured verbosity is at least as high as that of message_stream. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void register_languages ()
void get_goto_program ()
void instrument_goto_program ()
void do_indirect_call_and_rtti_removal (bool force=false)
void do_remove_const_function_pointers_only ()
 Remove function pointers that can be resolved by analysing const variables (i.e. More...
void do_partial_inlining ()
void do_remove_returns ()
ui_message_handlert::uit get_ui ()

Protected Attributes

ui_message_handlert ui_message_handler
bool function_pointer_removal_done
bool partial_inlining_done
bool remove_returns_done
goto_modelt goto_model
- Protected Attributes inherited from messaget
mstreamt mstream

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from messaget
enum  message_levelt {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from messaget
static unsigned eval_verbosity (const std::string &user_input, const message_levelt default_verbosity, message_handlert &dest)
 Parse a (user-)provided string as a verbosity level and set it as the verbosity of dest. More...
static commandt command (unsigned c)
 Create an ECMA-48 SGR (Select Graphic Rendition) command. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from parse_options_baset
cmdlinet cmdline
- Static Public Attributes inherited from messaget
static eomt eom
static const commandt reset
 return to default formatting, as defined by the terminal More...
static const commandt red
 render text with red foreground color More...
static const commandt green
 render text with green foreground color More...
static const commandt yellow
 render text with yellow foreground color More...
static const commandt blue
 render text with blue foreground color More...
static const commandt magenta
 render text with magenta foreground color More...
static const commandt cyan
 render text with cyan foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_red
 render text with bright red foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_green
 render text with bright green foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_yellow
 render text with bright yellow foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_blue
 render text with bright blue foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_magenta
 render text with bright magenta foreground color More...
static const commandt bright_cyan
 render text with bright cyan foreground color More...
static const commandt bold
 render text with bold font More...
static const commandt faint
 render text with faint font More...
static const commandt italic
 render italic text More...
static const commandt underline
 render underlined text More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ goto_instrument_parse_optionst()

goto_instrument_parse_optionst::goto_instrument_parse_optionst ( int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Definition at line 119 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ do_indirect_call_and_rtti_removal()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::do_indirect_call_and_rtti_removal ( bool  force = false)

Definition at line 851 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ do_partial_inlining()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::do_partial_inlining ( )

Definition at line 890 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ do_remove_const_function_pointers_only()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::do_remove_const_function_pointers_only ( )

Remove function pointers that can be resolved by analysing const variables (i.e.

can be resolved using remove_const_function_pointers). Function pointers that cannot be resolved will be left as function pointers.

Definition at line 873 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ do_remove_returns()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::do_remove_returns ( )

Definition at line 904 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ doit()

int goto_instrument_parse_optionst::doit ( )

invoke main modules

Implements parse_options_baset.

Definition at line 105 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ get_goto_program()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::get_goto_program ( )

Definition at line 915 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ get_ui()

ui_message_handlert::uit goto_instrument_parse_optionst::get_ui ( )

Definition at line 147 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

◆ help()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::help ( )

display command line help

Reimplemented from parse_options_baset.

Definition at line 1548 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ instrument_goto_program()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::instrument_goto_program ( )

Definition at line 931 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.cpp.

◆ register_languages()

void goto_instrument_parse_optionst::register_languages ( )

Definition at line 19 of file goto_instrument_languages.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ function_pointer_removal_done

bool goto_instrument_parse_optionst::function_pointer_removal_done

Definition at line 141 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

◆ goto_model

goto_modelt goto_instrument_parse_optionst::goto_model

Definition at line 145 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

◆ partial_inlining_done

bool goto_instrument_parse_optionst::partial_inlining_done

Definition at line 142 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

◆ remove_returns_done

bool goto_instrument_parse_optionst::remove_returns_done

Definition at line 143 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

◆ ui_message_handler

ui_message_handlert goto_instrument_parse_optionst::ui_message_handler

Definition at line 130 of file goto_instrument_parse_options.h.

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