cbmc_parse_optionst Class Reference

#include <cbmc_parse_options.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int doit () override
 invoke main modules More...
virtual void help () override
 display command line help More...
 cbmc_parse_optionst (int argc, const char **argv)
 cbmc_parse_optionst (int argc, const char **argv, const std::string &extra_options)
- Public Member Functions inherited from parse_options_baset
 parse_options_baset (const std::string &optstring, int argc, const char **argv, const std::string &program)
virtual void usage_error ()
virtual int main ()
virtual ~parse_options_baset ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void set_default_options (optionst &)
 Set the options that have default values. More...
static bool process_goto_program (goto_modelt &, const optionst &, messaget &)
static int get_goto_program (goto_modelt &, const optionst &, const cmdlinet &, ui_message_handlert &)

Protected Member Functions

void register_languages ()
void get_command_line_options (optionst &)
void preprocessing (const optionst &)
bool set_properties ()

Protected Attributes

goto_modelt goto_model
- Protected Attributes inherited from parse_options_baset
ui_message_handlert ui_message_handler
messaget log

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from parse_options_baset
cmdlinet cmdline

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file cbmc_parse_options.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cbmc_parse_optionst() [1/2]

cbmc_parse_optionst::cbmc_parse_optionst ( int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Definition at line 85 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ cbmc_parse_optionst() [2/2]

cbmc_parse_optionst::cbmc_parse_optionst ( int  argc,
const char **  argv,
const std::string &  extra_options 

Definition at line 96 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doit()

int cbmc_parse_optionst::doit ( )

invoke main modules

Implements parse_options_baset.

Definition at line 454 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ get_command_line_options()

void cbmc_parse_optionst::get_command_line_options ( optionst options)

Definition at line 128 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ get_goto_program()

int cbmc_parse_optionst::get_goto_program ( goto_modelt goto_model,
const optionst options,
const cmdlinet cmdline,
ui_message_handlert ui_message_handler 

Definition at line 704 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ help()

void cbmc_parse_optionst::help ( )

display command line help

Reimplemented from parse_options_baset.

Definition at line 926 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ preprocessing()

void cbmc_parse_optionst::preprocessing ( const optionst options)

Definition at line 755 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ process_goto_program()

bool cbmc_parse_optionst::process_goto_program ( goto_modelt goto_model,
const optionst options,
messaget log 

Definition at line 788 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ register_languages()

void cbmc_parse_optionst::register_languages ( )

Definition at line 25 of file cbmc_languages.cpp.

◆ set_default_options()

void cbmc_parse_optionst::set_default_options ( optionst options)

Set the options that have default values.

This function can be called from clients that wish to emulate CBMC's default behaviour, for example unit tests.

Definition at line 110 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

◆ set_properties()

bool cbmc_parse_optionst::set_properties ( )

Definition at line 693 of file cbmc_parse_options.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ goto_model

goto_modelt cbmc_parse_optionst::goto_model

Definition at line 114 of file cbmc_parse_options.h.

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